Bose Soundlink Micro: Pocket Boom Box with a Compact Design.

You need a compact personal speaker that is easy to carry with you, has a trendy, durable design, a good battery, has good water resistance, good impact resistance, and at the same time, it ensures high volume and quality. sound quality is ok. The requirements seem to be difficult to coexist on such a portable speaker but fully converge on the Bose Soundlink Micro. Let’s learn about this bluetooth speaker with Futurevision.

Designed for Dynamism.

Bose is probably a standard audio brand that is no longer strange to Vietnamese people, famous for its line of shelf speakers, karaoke speakers as well as high-end computer speakers. In recent years, following the general trend of the market, Bose has paid more attention to the portable, sound bar segment by launching compact products to suit a wider range of customers. One of the new and typical products for this strategy is the Soundlink Micro ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker.
In terms of appearance Soundlink Micro is completed extremely firmly, with the outer surface covered with a layer of young rubber beveled and rounded corners that look quite plump, not only for a comfortable grip, but also can support the ability to Good shock resistance. The 95mm x 95mm speaker is compact in the palm of your hand, and weighs only 290g, allowing users to easily take it with them to experience music anytime, anywhere.
The front has the company logo, 2 volume up and down buttons and a multifunction button. This button is used to change songs, receive calls, but can also be used to call virtual assistants (Siri and Google Now) very conveniently. The top has a charging port, power button and Bluetooth button and a system of 6 LEDs that show battery status.
Another notable highlight on the product is on the back, with a rubber band across the back to help users easily hang the speaker on a backpack, bicycle handlebar or other items.
Soundlink Micro is equipped with IPX7 water resistance, which means you can immerse the speaker in water at a depth of 1m for about 3-4 minutes. Therefore, users can completely rest assured when carrying this speaker with them when traveling or having a picnic.


Bose in recent years has been quite careful about the ability to manage wireless speaker products with the Bose Connect application on smartphones. Users can control and switch devices paired with Soundlink Micro right on this app. In addition, the product also supports the ability to pair with many other Bose speakers to create a more spectacular stereo sound system at parties.
The integrated ability to interact with smartphones and tablets with Siri virtual assistant on iOS or Google Assistant on Android is also an interesting feature of Soundlink Micro. Users can interact with the remote device quite conveniently.
Bose does not disclose the battery capacity of the Soundlink Micro, but says that the speaker can play music for up to 6 hours continuously, in actual use with the average volume of the product can reach close to that number. . At maximum volume, the use time is about 4 hours. This is average enough for short trips or weekend picnics. The Micro USB port helps users to charge the speaker with an adapter or a backup battery with a time of about 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Sound Quality.

Different from the compact design, the Soundlink Micro possesses a respectable volume compared to many other competitors of the same size. With a closed room of about 15 square meters, the product easily satisfies listeners with a full, warm sound with deep bass. Speakers can well meet the needs of personal music when moving or listening in small groups.
Soundlink Micro has a fairly balanced sound quality from low to high range, not one band losing the other like some low-end products on the market today. Speaking of bass, the speaker easily stimulates listeners with relatively powerful bass, but still has a soft “beam” when needed as well as a regular spread. Soundlink Micro’s bass of course cannot be as deep as large speakers, but enough to make many people change the concept of the bass range of compact speakers.
In terms of mid-range, the singer’s voice is moved back slightly to create a comfortable feeling, and at the same time, for thickness and good detail. This allows the speaker to very soulfully reproduce the performances of singers with deep voices.
Soundlink Micro’s treble sound is shown quite well, “round shoulder” in most cases, not harsh glare or difficult to hear sib (hissing) phenomenon like on many low end speaker models. Overall, this is a pretty good speaker, easy to listen to and suitable for many different music tastes.
In short, the combination of form factors, features and sound quality, can confirm that the Bose Soundlink Micro is one of the best small Bluetooth speakers to own today!

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