Bose SoundLink Mini II Special Edition.

In any field of consumer electronics, there are always pioneering product lines, possessing quality and fundamental design, laying the foundation and becoming the inspiration for the birth of new products. other products. The same is true for the Bluetooth speaker market, and one of the “legendary” names to mention is the Bose SoundLink Mini, or until now the Bose SoundLink Mini II Special Edition (SE). So what’s remarkable about this famous wireless speaker from Bose?


It can be said that the SoundLink Mini II SE (or the entire SoundLink Mini line) carries a design that has become an icon when it comes to Bose-branded portable speakers. In fact, the overall design of the SoundLink Mini series has not changed too much since the first product generation until now, showing that the popularity has not disappeared from users. This is also the most popular counterfeit Bluetooth speaker on the market today.
Dive into the looks of the SoundLink Mini II SE. This speaker can be compared with a high-tech toy. The speaker shell is made of aluminum monolithic with rough paint, extremely sturdy and well-finished. The compact overall size (51 x 180 x 58 mm) with a weight of only 0.68 kg allows you to take the speaker with you anywhere, and enjoy music anytime you want. In addition, the speaker has the ability to stand firmly thanks to the low center of gravity and the rubber base for high adhesion. This combined with a compact design allows you to place the speaker almost anywhere without getting in the way.
The top of the speaker is a driver that includes a power button, volume buttons and multifunction buttons, which can be used to change songs or activate the voice assistant. The speaker also has a mic so you can take calls.
On the left side of the body is a USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Below the machine is a tripod to use the charging dock. This charging dock is also not too important because you can completely charge with a USB-C port, but charging with the dock is also an enjoyable experience, as well as increasing the aesthetics of the speaker.
Overall, the SoundLink Mini II has a sturdy look thanks to its solid aluminum housing and sizable weight. The speaker is compact so you can completely put it in your backpack and easily carry it. However, if you’re thinking of taking it to the beach or the pool, consider that as the speaker isn’t water-resistant.


Bose Soundlink Mini II SE is equipped with bluetooth technology for a faster and more stable connection. The signal range is about 9 meters, allowing you to enjoy high quality sound wirelessly. Voice prompts make it easier to pair the speaker with your smartphone, iPad, or another Bluetooth device. The speaker also remembers the eight most recently paired devices, so reconnecting is easier than ever. In addition, the product is equipped with a rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of continuous music playback so you can listen to music all night without worrying about the speaker running out of battery.
Here are the key features on the Bose Soundlink Mini II SE:

● Loud sound and give you a full-range audio listening experience
● Wireless and ultra-compact, so you can enjoy Bose® sound anywhere
● Built-in speakerphone for making calls
● Voice prompts to guide you through Bluetooth® pairing
● Rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of music playback.

Sound Quality.

Besides the design, another factor that makes the name of this speaker model lies in the sound quality.
While most compact wireless speakers have trouble delivering bass, the SoundLink Mini II does it. The bass of the speaker is very clear and standard even at high volume. The passive radiator placed in the center of the speaker helps to compress the vapor more, thereby reproducing the deep and powerful bass.
Two ultra-compact drivers with Neodymium magnet rings help to reproduce stereo mids and highs. The mid sound gives the vocalist a clear and warm voice, highlighting vocal-heavy songs. Not only that, even the smallest sounds such as the singer’s breathing rhythm are presented realistically.
The treble is also very lively. The SoundLink Mini II is one of the few speakers capable of creating a true sense of the space around the instruments, what is also known as the “sound image”. While most similarly sized speakers give a relatively dull sound.
In particular, the speaker’s digital signal processor helps to maintain the accuracy of the frequencies, ensuring that the sound output is always realistic and natural at any volume level, or genre. which music. While most compact wireless speakers have trouble delivering bass, the SoundLink Mini II does it. The bass of the speaker is very clear and standard even at high volume.

In general, Soundlink Mini II harmonizes all 3 bands of high – mid – bass sound, so it can listen to almost any music genre today.
If you’re looking for a portable speaker model that has all the elements: Beautiful design, compact, premium finish, great sound, and trusted brand, the Bose SoundLink Mini II Special Edition is the name. can not be ignored.

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