Versatile remote control for Bose Soundbar speakers (809945-0010)


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A remote control that you will love to use forever. Versatile remote control for the Bose Soundbar speaker that controls everything. If you can connect the remote to a TV, you are more likely to be able to control the TV with this remote. So say goodbye to the cluttered desk and always try to figure out which control is for which device. All you need is this new remote.

Bose Soundbar 700 Speaker included. Optional accessory for Bose Soundbar 500 Speaker.

Lighting control support

We want you to have the best experience and the ability to enjoy entertainment in an instant. That’s why we created this extremely new contextual glow feature. Multi-function remote control for Bose Soundbar speaker capable of displaying light at the buttons you need to manipulate. Whether you’re listening to music or watching TV, the control automatically adjusts to glow only at the buttons you need at the moment. Thanks to that, you will not be confused because you have to grope the exact button when you have to do something.

Sleek. Feeling great.

Can tell the quality only from sight. This controller will definitely make you proud to show off to others. Elegant design with accents made from high-grade aluminum, flat, soft, elastic key. The versatile remote control for the Bose Soundbar is not only beautiful, but also feels great to hold.


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